2015-08-12 05:38:04 by TGCRed

Hey everyone! I'm doing a webcomic weekly for those who think I died. I update every Thursday~ You can read it here: http://tgcred.tumblr.com/ or here: http://sesshi-girl.deviantart.com/gallery/55035994/The-Comic


2012-02-08 15:58:16 by TGCRed

Well hi! I now own my own business with my dad so I'm extremely busy! XD I am working on my next animation that was mentioned earlier! It's obviously taking forever though! It's looking way better than any of my animations so far so I'm pretty excited!

Working on a big project

2011-06-04 03:26:53 by TGCRed

Hey guys, I'm finally making a nice flash! It's a music video that's going to be really nice to look at and it'll be frame by frame, once I find a background artist I'll be good to go! It won't be like any of my other flashes! I can't say anymore so get ready for it!!!


2010-09-22 19:45:48 by TGCRed

Hey there! Looks like I joined the school news. So I'll probably be making some short flashes for it sometime this year! Woo!


2009-08-24 03:07:46 by TGCRed

Hey guys, I'm glad that the music video is now up : D it's the best flash I've made so far! I won't be making a billion flashes every year because I'm more of a drawer than an animator at the moment. I am working on a few flashes right now, one bigger and a few smaller ones. They probably won't be done for a while. But if you want to check out my art you can go to http://sesshi-girl.deviantart.com/

School's starting soon, but it shouldn't be a bother because I do the same things everyday whether there's school or not. Well, that's all I have to report, see ya!

Working on flash

2009-04-14 00:15:06 by TGCRed

Hey guys, I'm working on a few flash right now, one is my first sprite flash, it has a lot of different voice actors, including Dillon Barber, John Oese, Psyguy Brain Beaubien, Vero-Chan and a few others. It's about a Torchic and her best friend Piplup and they have been chosen to take care of a baby Umbreon, which has special powers, cause you can't have a baby Umbreon, it has to be an Eevee first, right? And then I'm making a flash called Charlie At The Library, which I made a really long time ago XD It's about an interviewer who interviews a famous author and a girl named Charlie, it will have the voice talents of Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog), Scoot from Whookos, his girlfriend Kuzai, her little sis Uriko, Possibly Scott Falco, a guy in Australia named Adam, my friend Jetcart, and a few others. My biggest one is the first episode of an 11 episode series, they're all music videos from the band Gorillaz, and they all tell a story, this one if the song Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. XD I hope you'll like it, I'm trying really hard to make it XD That's it I think. I'll fill you guys in later about how it's doing. The Pokemon one if about quarter way done. The Charlie At The Library one is barely started, the music video one is halfway done, except the backgrounds, my background artist is not making them XD I hope she at least starts XD the Roy and Charlie thing is not started, I think it might not start XD we'll see. Byebye! Happy Easter!

My birthday!!!

2008-07-30 11:39:09 by TGCRed

Yes!!! It's finally my b-day today! X3 Gonna go party at Scandia with my 8 buddies : D WOO!